About the Company

Mirelli & Sons is a development and contracting company specializing in deluxe residential projects.
The Company enjoys the immense human capital and extensive know-how of those at its helm. The Company is headed by
David Mirelli, who has 35 years experience in real estate and entrepreneurship with a most impressive record. At his side are his two children, Shali and Aaron, who specialize in construction and engineering. Together with the Company management, they comprise a winning team.
Mirelli recently won the Most Beautiful Home in Holon Award and the Construction Excellence Contest for 2011. The award, which granted by the mayor and the president of the Association of Contractors and Builders in Israel, respects and recognizes the quality of the Company and its capacity to perform.
Now the Company has become synonymous with luxury and quality.
Its financial strength, capacity to comply with precise timetables, the involvement of its owners in each and every detail of the construction stages, and the personal attention to its customers all provide a sense of stability and reliability throughout the entire process.
The motto - not to settle for anything less than perfection, which David Mirelli has instilled in his two sons from the very start, still guides the Company today.